PM Tree Coupler Module (1 × 4, 1 × 8)

The PMFCM series is manufactured by using advanced technology to allow the input signal to be splitted into multi channels at a given splitting ratio with high extinction ratio, low excess loss, good uniformity, low...

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Free Space Isolator (FSI Series)

The Free Space Isolator is designed for integration within laser diode package to prevent back reflection. The high isolation, low insertion loss and large aperture features make it flexible to fit with different di...

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PM Faraday Mirror

The Polarization Maintaining Faraday Mirror is a passive device that provides 90 degree rotation regarding to the polarization state of the input light. The PMFM offers excellent performance including the lowest pos...

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PM Dual Fiber Collimator

The PM Fiber Collimator is the basic element for in-line PM fiber optics components, such as PM isolator and PM FWDM. It has high extinction ratio, low insertion loss and high return loss. The unique processing and ...

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PM Patchcord

The PM Patchcord series has excellent enviromental stability, high return loss, low insertion loss. It is ideal for PM amplifiers, fiber lasers and test instrumentation applications.

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1550 nm Tap Photodiode Array

The Integrated Tap Photodiode Array (TPDA) is a compact, multi-channel power-detecting device. It obviously simplifys module design and assembling process by pre-integrating several single power detectors in one. It...

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1550 nm Pigtail Photodiode Array

The Fiber Pigtailed Photodiode Array (FPDA) is a compact, multi-channel power-detecting device. It obviously simplifys module design and assembling process by pre-integrating several single power detectors in one. I...

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1550 nm Tap Photodiode

The Integrated Tap Photodiode (TAPD) integrates the functionality of an optical coupler and a photodiode for optical network's power detection. It applys for channel power monitoring in DWDM system, in-line optical ...

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1550 nm Pigtailed Photodiode

The Fiber Pigtailed Photodiode is a coaxial package photoelectrical component. It features high responsivity, low dark current and good temperature performance over a wide wavelength range. It can be applied for cha...

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