SteadiBeam™ 200 Isolator

Product Name: SteadiBeam™ 200 Isolator AFR's SteadiBeam™ is the best Isolator designed for high power pulse fiber lasers. Two versions of design are compatible to lasers of 100W and 200W, respectively. With multiple pate...

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Dragon™ QBH-Compatible Connector

Product Name: Dragon™  QBH-Compatible Connector AFR's DragonTM product provides QBH Compatible connector for high power fiber lasers up to 2000W. Technologies incorporated in the products include cladding ...

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Laseguard™ High Power Free Space Isolator

Product Name: Laseguard™  High Power Free Space Isolator  The High Power Free Space Isolator Series is designed for protecting your high power laser from back reflection at different wavelengths and b...

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500W Fiber to Free-space Isolator

Product Name: 500W Fiber to Free-space Isolator  AFR’s High Power Fiber to Free Space Isolator (HPFSI) is the best choice for high power industrial pulse fiber lasers.  A newly designed isolator can h...

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High Power N×1 Laser Combiner

Product Name: High Power N×1 Laser Combiner The High Power N×1 Laser Combiner is designed for combining the power from N units of kW class fiber lasers to one output fiber  with high efficiency.  Avai...

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100W In-line Isolator

Product Name: 100W In-line Isolator   The 100W In-line Isolator is characterized with low insertion loss, high isolation, high power handling, high return loss, excellent environmental stability and reliab...

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PM Cladding Power Stripper

Product Name: PM Cladding Power Stripper The PM cladding power stripper (PMCPS) is designed for efficiently stripping off residual cladding power, ASE and escaped core modes of double cladding fiber while prese...

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PM Tap Isolator

The Polarization Maintaining Tap Isolator combines a tap coupler and polarization sensitive isolator into a single compact package. It has high ER and very low insertion loss. The component is ideal for fiber amplif...

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PM Tap Coupler (Fast Axis Blocked)

The Polarization Maintaining Tap Coupler is manufactured by using advanced technology to allow the input signal to be splitted at various ratios with high extinction ratio.

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