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PM Tap Coupler (Fast Axis Blocked)

The Polarization Maintaining Tap Coupler is manufactured by using advanced technology to allow the input signal to be splitted at various ratios with high extinction ratio.

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PM Tap Isolator

The Polarization Maintaining Tap Isolator combines a tap coupler and polarization sensitive isolator into a single compact package. It has high ER and very low insertion loss. The component is ideal for fiber amplif...

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Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexers (CWDM Series ), Filter Component

The Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer series is designed and manufactured to Telcordia standard. The devices use environmentally stable thin film filter and advanced packaging technology to achieve wide passban...

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2000W N×1 Pump Combiner

Product Name: 2000W N×1 Pump Combiner   The 2000W N×1 Pump Combiner enables highly efficient combining of the powers from up to N multimode pump diodes into an output fiber. The output fiber should be a large c...

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(18 + 1) × 1 Multimode Pump & Signal Combiner

Product Name: (18+1) × 1 Multimode Pump & Signal Combiner   The high power (18+1)×1 pump & signal combiner enables highly efficient combining of the powers from up to 18 multimode pump diodes and a signal la...

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(6 + 1) × 1 Multimode Pump & Signal Combiner, 1.0 μm Fiber Laser

Features ● High Coupling Efficiency ● High Signal Transfer Efficiency ● Wide Wavelength Range ● Proprietary Pull and Package Techniqu ● Custom Configurations Available Applications ● Fiber Laser and Amplifiers ● CATV Amp...

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Isolator/Filter WDM Hybrid (1310/1550, 1480/1550)

The 1310/1550, 1480/1550 IWDM series combines Filter WDM and isolator into a compact package to offer cost saving solution. This device is ideal to be used in 1310/1550 WDM network and line monitoring applications t...

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Mini Polarization Insensitive Isolator

The Mini Polarization Insensitive Isolator series is characterized with very compact package, low insertion loss, high isolation, high return loss and excellent environmental stability and reliability. It is specifi...

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Mini Twin Polarization Insensitive Isolator

The Twin Isolator integrates two independent isolators into one standard isolator package and is excellently suited for EDFAs or instrumentation designs where two or more isolators are used. The Twin Isolator offers...

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